Wanyira Zié Coulibaly died 1951 in Somon. He carved this 17,5 cm small male Tugubele around 1930. His style seems pure, but this simplicity carries expressive power.

These small Tugubele statues usually were made for a private person, who kept them in private altars. Sometimes they are also named Nyingife, depending on the purpose of making. For a carver, this type of small statues are everyday work for an every day use. In the collector's scene they are not very much appreciated, because they are not spectacluar because of size or style. But in ritual practice these small figures have an enormous power.


Male Tugubele, carved by Wanyira Zié Coulibaly, Koulé from Somon, died 1951. Time of origin around 1930. Collected by Karl-Heinz Krieg.

17,5 x 5,0 x 5,0 cm, wood.



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Senufo Tugubele statue Senoufo art
Senoufo Tugubele Senufo art
Tugubele by Wanyira Zié Coulibaly, Somon