Nahoua Yeo Quattara (Yéo Ouattara), *1934 +2013

Kpelie mask Senufo Senoufo Kpelié masque Nafoun Quattara Yeo Ouattara
Kpelié mask by Nahoua Yeo Quattara (Yéo Ouattara), Nafoun

Nahoua Yeo Quattara was desribed as a grounded and solid man by Karl-Heinz Krieg, who met him 1973 in Nafoun. The name is also spelled Yéo Ouattara. Nahoua is a Koulé who carved his masks in the traditional Senufo style. He learned carving from his father Zamango Quattara.


Nafoun became, beside Ouézomon and Korhogo, one of the carving centres of the Senufo in the last century.


This mask shows the Kapok fruit on top, a symbol and signature of the Koulé.


Kpelié mask, carved by Nahoua Yeo Quattara (Yéo Ouattara) from Nafoun. *1934 +2013. Time of origin between 1950 and 1960.

26,5 x 13,0 x 8,0 cm, wood. Collected by Karl-Heinz Krieg 1990 in Zangaha next to Boundiali.



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