Family Koukouho Coulibaly, +1940

Upfront, in case of Koukouho it is extremely difficult to say for sure, that all the sculptures with his name on are actually made by him in person. He died in 1940 and there is no documentation that was made during his lifetime. There are many statues named and described, but they all vary in details. They all share the narrow heads with the a double line around the bean shaped eyes. They all look very similar, even the geometric pattern on the back of the figures or the placing of the scars. But the proportions of the body vary. Persumibly other family members carved and still carve in exact the same style.

In case of these two female figures it is known, that Koukouho did carve couples in variations as single statues, or a couple standing together on one platform or both sitting on one stool, and arms crossed behind the back. There are woman/woman constallations described as the female diviner with his female Tugubele spirit.


Kouto Senufo Senoufo Tugubele couple art
Tugubele couple by Family Koukouho Coulibaly, Kouto
Senoufo Tugubele, Senoufo couple art
Tugubele couple by Family Koukouho Coulibaly, Kouto

Tugubele couple, carved by  Koukouho Coulibaly (or family?), Koulé from Kouto. 25,5 x 10,0 x 9,5 cm, wood.



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