I was young and needed some objects

Fake african art
Faked Nkisi figure with faked T-Shirt


I know, I know...this Nkisi fetish is fake. Everyone can see that. But I bought it these days. I was young and needed some objects.


Sidekick information: Never judge an object by an image. A serious expert never does give expertise just by a picture shown to him. He always will hold an object in his hands and will compare it with other similar objects. But sometimes a fake can be very obvious on a photo. Vice versa, in 0.01% it is possilbe to name a carver just by an image, when the originator has a very characteristic handwriting in his sculptures.


But coming back to my favorite fake: I couldn't resist to open one of these mysterious looking fabric balls. I asked myself, if they will hold secret mysterious signs or further enigmatic objects. I couldn't sleep the night before...ok, I exaggerate.


What to say? I unfold a piece of cotton jersey with a colorful machine stitched embroidery advertising the cigarette brand CAMEL from Trier, where I live. I thought: WHAT THE HECK!!! Even this T-shirt got faked! The original brand name is CAMEL and not CAMELS!

Faked Nkisi statue, Kongo

45,0 x 15,5 x 10,0 cm, wood, metall, faked T-Shirts. 



- Wenn Urform Form bestimmt, Markus Ehrhard, pages 176 - 177. 

Copyright content and images by Markus Ehrhard