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Senufo · 27. April 2017
Senufo Senoufo Kpelié mask masque Coulibaly Korhogo
Airport-art is a no-go? Right? Once a collector said "I don't want fleas in my house!" Ok, that's a statement. But I say, collect Airport-art too! Buy it and compare with other objects! You will see the differences immediately. And I will tell you why Airport-art is also important to look at: In case of the Senufo culture, the sculpture is not getting documentated as we do by counting, measuring and weighting. The Senufo preserve their sculpture by repeating.
Senufo · 12. April 2017
Kpelie masks by Doh Soro Senufo Senoufo
Collecting several objects from one carver gives the oportunity to compare the progress in technique, shape and proportion of a carver. The period of active working of Doh Soro is very short, because he suffered from mental disease at the age of 35. In average a Koulé starts to learn carving in the age of 12. Doh's timeframe to look at is about 20 years. Doh Soro had an immense feeling for shape and proportion right on in his first maternité statues. The volume of the bodies of the mother and...